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RedWood Options has been in the binary options industry for 2 years. However after completing a detailed review of RedWood Options, we discovered that there other brokers that offer better service and have higher customer satisfaction.

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Redwood Options Broker  Review

Redwood Options was founded in the year 2012 and is currently unregulated. They allow traders to trade in 60 different assets and allow bonuses up to 100 dollars – which is not that great compared to other brokers. The best part of this platform is their website overview, which even though is quite similar to other platforms, doesn’t give off a stuck up vibe. One can navigate easily and learn about trades very quickly.  They are also offering an 81% return on a 60 second trade, which is by far a great return.

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Redwood Options Broker  Complaints

There have been a few complaints regarding their “daily market review” which is actually referred to as a “weekly market review” and some for their withdraw procedures. This could really confuse the traders. We also tried to find some good reviews online and then we had to dig deeper to find out if the complaints were genuine and from real traders, and we found that they were.  In fact, there are some  unsatisfied traders of this broker so do not over trust  Redwood Options Broker. But still, we cannot guarantee 100% that the broker is problem-free or not .

Redwood Options Broker  Withdrawal

The withdrawal process is pretty much the same as the other brokers. You will have to provide them the identification documents in order for them to ensure your security – which is done across all the reputable broker platforms. Plus, if you withdraw via credit card, you will not be charged any fee, but upon withdrawal via bank wire, an additional fee of 30 dollars would be charged. The processing itself will take 3 days and you can then expect your payment within 5 to 7 days. So, it is a standard procedure just like other brokers.

Redwood Options Broker  Scam

be-scam-smartIs Redwood Options a scam? Given the fact that they are a newly introduced broker, it might be too early to say whether they are scammers or not. Since three  years have passed there have been some  complaints regarding them till now, we can assume that it is possibly wary to trade with Redwood Options. We don’t have any reasons as of now to believe they are not legit but just some negative comments from traders online. Redwood Options has the potential of being safe, but our suggestion is to keep your eyes open.

Redwood Options Broker  Demo account

We have been looking at the demo account feature of Redwood Options for quite some time now and what we found out will make you eager to open an account with them right away. Nowadays the market is so rushed up with brokers that you must find the ones that suit your style. However nice part of Redwood Options is that their platform itself has a fresh style which does not look much clogged up. You get to request for a demo account after signing up with them, and then you can take it for a dry run, trying out all your strategies and seeing whether it really works for you or not. Then finally when you’re ready, you can go ahead and start trading with real money.

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After making detailed investigation of RedWood Options our team came to the conclusion that there are other brokers that offer better service and have higher customer satisfaction.

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