Auto Profit Replicator Review

Auto Profit Replicator promises high payouts and a world-class trading assistance. Although they claim to provide a quick and easy way to make money with binary options, we are questioning – is Auto Profit Replicator legit or is it a scam?

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We will continue to monitor Auto Profit Replicator since there is not enough information to make us approve undoubtedly if this robot is scam or not (see the graph for Google Trend’s rating).

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Auto Profit Replicator Review

After making huge money out of trading binary options, Simon Saunders devised a money generating system which he calls Auto Profit Replicator. Basically, he invites people to try out his software. According to Simon, it is possible to generate huge income by making use of this binary trading robot which does everything on its own when put on autopilot. The software is internet based which means you don’t have to install it into your system. It also works on all platforms.

auto profit replicator

But during our investigation, we found that this robot does not rank highly on Google Trends. If it was performing as it claims it does, then we would have come across positive reports about the system. Since we could not find unbiased and realistic reviews, we cannot conclude that this system is safe and reliable.

Auto Profit Replicator Scam

money scamJust like our team of investigators, you must also be thinking why someone has to be so generous and offer a money making system for free. We know we don’t get anything for free these days. So what is the catch? Is this a scam? We cannot say that this is scam because the system does work. And although Simon is offering the software for free, he does make commission from the broker you sign up with. When you activate the system, you will be recommended a broker which you have to sign up with and make an initial deposit. A percentage of how much you spend with the broker goes as profit to the creator of the system. Our advice is to use caution before you proceed.

Auto Profit Replicator Minimum Investment and Expected Return

To use this system, you will first have to set up a trader account with a broker of their choice. After this, you have to make a minimum deposit of $250. The system claims that you can make generate daily profits of at least $1347 with this system. Based on our experience, it is highly unlikely that a free system can help traders generate this kind of profit. What we can conclude is that this system can increase the opportunity for you to maximize your profits by providing data that you would otherwise spend time to find, but it cannot guarantee huge profits like this.

Auto Profit Replicator System

This is a completely free and automated binary trading software. It basically works by predicting market conditions and provides information on when to execute trades, what assets to buy and sell, what direction to take, and what time and at what prices to execute trades, etc. The functionality of the system is based on the experiences and views of the creators. If you are looking to try this software, don’t fool yourself to depend on the system entirely.

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Auto Profit Replicator Accuracy

We haven’t come across a system that is 100% accurate so far. The creators of the Auto Pilot system claim that this system can turn your investments into huge profits. We agree that it is possible to make money using systems, but as a trader you must never be dependent on what the system decides. The system collects data and statistics from several traders and therefore, the decision it makes could be right or wrong. We also agree that the risk of using this software could be possibly low when compared to others floating around, but you must always proceed with caution. Always execute trades in amounts that you can afford to lose.



After detailed research, our experts concluded that Auto Profit Replicator has not achieved satisfactory results, and its accuracy and performance is not as advertised. Therefore we cannot confirm that this robot is safe enough to invest your money.

We at advise you to Proceed to Safety OR Choose from our Approved and Trusted Brokers that can offer you high quality services.

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