How We Rank?

With more than 350 binary option brokers, binary options has become one of the fastest growing sectors in the financial industry. We evaluate brokers for their presence online as well as the level of service provided. Among other factors, we check trading execution, withdrawal delays and bonus terms and conditions. Finally, we issue a report and analyse the data producing a Quality Score. Overall we take into account over 75 factors in order to produce our Quality Score.

Best Binary Options Brokers:

BrokerMin DepositPayoutQuality ScoreVisit Site
$25091%73 / 75
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$25090%74 / 75
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$25089%70 / 75
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$25089%68 / 75
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$20080%66 / 75
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$5085%65 / 75
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Inevitably, there are unethical companies (a.k.a binary scams) that took unfair advantage of this rapid growth. Binary Options Scam Brokers are typical fraudulent schemes, most commonly advertised as “get-quick-rich” schemes. We at BestBinaryOptionBrokerz NET aim to protect the industry and you from scammers. That is why, we decided to share with you more information about unrealistic and scam offers and how to identify them.

We highly advise you to not open an account with the get-quick-rich schemes advertised by email, before making a thorough research on the Internet. A good place to start is our Binary Option Scam Free Brokers and by reading the checklist below which will help you identify scam brokers.

Binary Scam Checklist

These simple and easy checks will save you time and money when choosing and online trading system. Please see the top 3 binary scam signs and learn how to avoid them:

1. Email Advertised Money System

If you receive an email advertising a millionaire money making app, that may be a scam. To avoid that, submit your system for check and let the experts provide you the results.

2. Unrealistic claims

Most of the systems advertise returns in the range of millions or even billions. Please, respect your self and your intelectual properties. You are well aware this is not possible. Making money is a process and requires choosing a decent trading company as a 1st step.

3. Scarcity Building

Almost all Binary Scams use “X licences left“, “X minutes left“, etc. to make you feeling you’re missing the offer. These are simple marketing tricks aimed to fool you to take action and open an account. As you can see, on our site there is no hassle nor count-down timer. All the information is available for free at all times. Please take your time and read carefully our broker reviews, so you can make the best choice.

Is Your Binary Offer Legit?

Please do not invest real money before you make 100% sure that the broker is legit and has a good reputation. If you don’t see your broker in the table above, it may be a scam. We highly advise you to make an independent research and seek professional help if needed.

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