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tradefusionAre you looking for an incredible software system to help you make loads of money by sitting at home and trading binary options? If you are, then look no further because the Trade Fusion is the ultimate solution for your trading needs.

Developed by Timothy Marcus, the system has capabilities of generating massive profits on complete auto pilot mode. After conducting a research, we have come up with some interesting things about this system. Read this review to learn more about this system.

Trade Fusion System Review

Traders can really benefit from the special features of Trade Fusion. First, it gives traders the ability to trade on complete auto pilot mode or manual mode. Next, it is web based so no need to download. It generates a huge volume of signals on a daily basis. It is also possible for traders to control risk levels so they can gain added control over the execution of trades.

Is Trade Fusion a Scam?

We wouldn’t recommend this system at all if we found any red flags or negative reviews. But during our investigation, we were impressed with the kind of feedback we received. This highly profitable system delivers the expected results and since traders get to test the system before paying anything for it, there is nothing to worry about. Traders can achieve success rates of up to 90% which is pretty impressive.

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Another positive thing is that the system recommends only legit brokers. As long as you have basic trading knowledge and the ability to make the right decisions, the system can be highly profitable for you.

How Much Does Trade Fusion Cost?

Unlike the other automated systems out there, this one is free to use for only 90 days. There are no claims by the developer that you can get free lifestyle access after you sign up. The initial 90 days is the trial period during which you can test if the software works for you or not. If it does work and if you want to keep it, you can do so by paying $499 every month. The system is profitable and depending on what you invest, you can easily generate up to $8000 in profits every month.

How Does Trade Fusion Work?

All trading related tasks are executed by the Trade Fusion after it has thoroughly scanned the market and identified opportunities for making profits. The software is quite fast and this is the reason it is able to process vast amounts of data within minutes. Traders are alerted via signals when trading positions have been sensed. Since this system gives trades full control over trading, it is up to traders to decide how much they can afford to lose per day, what assets they want to trade and how much they want to invest in a single trade.

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How to Get Started?

  1. Free Sign Up – to get a copy of the software, you must visit their official webpage and complete the simple sign up process.
  2. Trade and Profit – before you can trade, you have to link to recommended broker and add money into your account. After this, it is easy to put the robot on complete auto pilot mode and sit back and watch the profits come into your account
  3. Withdrawal – Profits earned can be transferred to your personal account such as your bank account or credit card after you have submitted the withdrawal form with the correct details.


best choiceTrade Fusion software is fully automated so traders just need to sign up and create an account. This auto trading system delivers a high percentage of winning trades when used properly and our team achieved an overall result of 80% success rate. Investors have the opportunity to choose from a wide variety of regulated and trusted binary options brokers. Trade Fusion greatly reduces the time and the effort for doing important technical analysis

We have found a lot of positive customer reviews and we can confirm its safety. According to our tests this software has the ability to be a winner and to make a steady profit due to its excellent features.

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